Hillside Heights Pulmonary Care Unit

Hillside Heights Rehabilitation Suites specializes in Pulmonary care with a Pulmonary Medical Specialty unit. Our goal is to maximize the patient’s level of independence and autonomy and increase the quality of life regardless of the condition or prognosis.

This unit focuses on the medical management and rehabilitation of those who have pulmonary conditions (conditions of the lungs and airways like COPD and pneumonia). We have piped in-wall oxygen as well as wall suctioning available. In an effort to maximize recovery and function based on individual and condition-specific treatment planning.

Our clinicians provide services such as specialty pulmonary function/ exercise capacity testing, oxygen conservation techniques, endurance training, and provide pulmonary support groups/education as well as pulmonary specific outcomes/ condition impact measurements. Pulmonary patients may receive care at all levels, in a variety of treatment categories.

Other types of Pulmonary Services include:

  • Tracheostomy Care: new, weanable, and non-weanable
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
  • Mini-Nebulizers
  • BiPAP
  • CPAP

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